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The Socotur equestrian style places free and gentle at the center of its purpose translating the guiding and training of horses into a well choreographed journey for both the master and the trainer.  It all starts with the first moment that the trainer identifies a candidate and they step into the round pen.

​Socotur builds on the goals of trainers and horses becoming a part of the authentic Equestrian Masterclass.   


Socotur Trainers are masters at training horses in the Socotur style of riding.  The bond is authentic and the final result is a focused horse ready to ride.


Socotur Horses are master horses developed through weeks of intense focused training designed to prepare them for the purpose driven rider.  


Socotur Certified Masters are trainers and horses that have met the full embodiment of master expert.  The Desmarni brand can now certify a level of performance and endurance that rivals ordinary training methodology.

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